I Giusti & Zanza Vigneti was born in 1996 from the restoration of a historical winery in the Fauglia hills. The lands surrounding the small Tuscan village in the Pisa area are not far from the Mediterranean Coast and flaunt a prosperous cultivation of wine since the beginning of the 16th century. The culture method has remained unvaried, as entirely natural and in harmony with the man-territory relationship that makes the produce excellent.

Culture & tradition

Through organic agriculture methods our plants flourish with rich and complex produce, enhancing the organoleptic properties of the fruit with sheer natural energy. We farm our vineyards following the organic agriculture principles, serving ourselves of natural compounds as well, such as 500 and 501, that activate the process of humus formation in the soil and stimulate the functions of light and heat from the sun. With the green manure seeding and other traditional techniques we maintain the natural fertility of the soil and provide it with the right nutrition.