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Vines & Wine

We proud ourselves on the lowest yield for the highest quality

Vineyards And Terroir

Our 17 hectares of vineyard sit over a smooth hill of alluvial soil rich in gravel, sand and fossil. The plantation density varies from 7000 to 10’000 vines per hectare, the age of that ranging from 20 to 50 years old. Our average grape yield is around 0.6 kilo per plant, enable a perfect ripeness of the fruit. The agricultural conduction is organic and we work with solely organic and biodynamic compounds.
Through organic agriculture methods our plants flourish with rich and complex produce, enhancing the organoleptic properties of the fruit with sheer natural energy. We farm our vineyards following the organic agriculture principles, serving ourselves of natural compounds as well, such as 500 and 501, that activate the process of humus formation in the soil and stimulate the functions of light and heat from the sun. With the green manure seeding and other traditional techniques we maintain the natural fertility of the soil and provide it with the right nutrition.

The Vines Variety

The variety of our cultivated vines comprise of Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Alicante, Petit Verdot as well as smaller shares of white grapes such as Semillon, and Trebbiano Toscano.

The Vines Culture

We start working on the vineyards from the germination throughout the months of July and August. Firstly we select the best shoots. If necessary we carry out a green harvest to balance the production in the most vigorous vines, in order to relieve the plant from excessive branches and grapes and boost its best produce.

The Harvest

The harvest constitutes one of the year’s most delicate moments. For each type of vine we carefully evaluate its technical parameters such as level of Sugar, Malice , Acidity, and Ph. We also assess the vine’s ripeness based on the degustation, on the grapeseed’s colour, on the peel’s crispiness and further oenological criteria, seeking to reach the perfect balance of ripeness and freshness of the fruit. All our vineyards are harvested manually by our dedicated workers. A very first selection of the grapes is operated in the vineyard, where the grapes are gathered in small boxes, to then be carried in the winery and undergo a second selection on the vibrating table. Following this step, only the best grapes proceed with the vinification. The must thus obtained starts its natural fermentation without the aid of any additive, thanks solely to the characteristic yeasts of the grape.


Our vinification is entirely traditional and exploits the must’s natural extractive property, with smooth manual movement of the skins-cap and long macerations up to 18 to 24 days, depending on the type and ripeness of the grape.
The moment of the drawing off is the second most important stage of the harvest, where the foundation of the wine-to-be is laid. An excessively short maceration time will produce soft fruited wines of easy consumption, but unfit to long ageing, whereas an overly long maceration will bring an aggressively overriding tannin, hard to blend smoothly in the wine.
The process of the drawing off is a matter of the highest importance, of which solely the oenologist can take charge.

The Elevage

The wine’s ageing takes place in 300 and 500 litres medium-toasted French oak tonneaux. In this phase physical chemical and biological reactions take place, contributing to the polishing and refinement of the wine’s organoleptic properties. Once the ageing period is concluded with times that vary, depending on the grape and on the year, up to 24 months after the harvest, the wine is bottled. This happens only after a light filtration void of any type of stabilisation, for this reason in certain cases it’s possible to find small traces of sediments in the bottles, testifying the genuineness of the product.

The Result

The result of our work is a remarkably rich and complex product, that can sustain a long ageing period and embody impressive evolutions for a magnificent olfactory and gustative experience.